Home Away From Home

I have been living in the Philippines for only a week.

Already, I miss the heavy water pressure that you get from most American shower heads. I miss being able to walk around in shorts and not be afraid of a mosquito biting you with Zika. I miss being able to post pictures in record time and not worrying about paying for wifi or data.

Most of all, I miss In-n-Out.

Just kidding, (but really) I miss my friends and family back home.

No, I’m not homesick, but I do miss 1st world comforts. I think that’s what I get for living in such a spoiled environment.

This is not my first big adventure. I studied abroad in Germany. However, Germany is not that much different from America.

Philippines is a completely different area to tackle.

I’ve vacationed in the Philippines plenty of times. I don’t understand why this time it is so different.

Maybe because I have to prepare myself to live here for the next three years.
Maybe it’s because I know I won’t be able to go back home due to my visa situation.
Maybe it’s because I’m surrounded by so many Filipinos every day that and I’m not used to that.
Maybe because it is a 3rd world country and I’m worried about my safety because everyone keeps psyching me up to “be careful.”
Maybe… I’m not ready?

Whatever it is that’s bothering me from completely enjoying my time here, I know I will be fine. Philippines is pretty easy going in compared to the American fast-paced lifestyle.

Since I’m an international student, I’m only allowed to take 12 units. That’s four classes. I have so much time in my hands what the hell am I going to do with all that time?
I can’t get a job. The Philippine rule is student visa or work visa – can’t have both.

For now, I’m going to try to apply for the school dorm and take my time enjoying the area since I have a month until school starts.

Hopefully I can make friends by then.


Home Away From Home